Amanda Jaquin
Amanda is a multi-disciplinary creative & strategist who is obsessed with turning a kernel of an idea into a product or experience users discover and fall in love with.
How do you get people to buy into an idea, before you have anything built?

Amanda is an expert at MVD—minimal viable design—painting just enough of a picture of the brand, product promise, and onboarding that the internal team (as well as potential users and investors) can align and get excited about what's to come.
Early Days
What do you build first? How do you make it look incredible even while it's held together with bubble gum and shoelaces?

Amanda has recently led the development of a luggage rental concept—setting creative direction, building the MVP, testing and sequencing product functionality, and prioritizing great experiences for early customers.
In the World
As products develop, what are the brand bits that give them life and let customers connect?

Amanda has done everything from brand strategy and illustration to digital marketing and web design. Crafting solutions across a range of industries from media and marijuana to fintech and healthcare.

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